Jacqueline Quinn is one of Ireland’s most successful designers. Born and raised in Dublin, she graduated from the Grafton Academy of Design with a burning creative passion. Jacqueline has been head designer for both Perry Ellis and Bill Blass in New York, yet after the success of these collections realized that it was time to have independent control of her designs. Jacqueline saw the need for a line of clothing that was eye-catching with delectable details which provided a strong feminine and contemporary look.

Jacqueline both designed and styled performers and Grammy winners for the 2012 and 2013 Grammy Awards. Her work has been recognized in Hollywood where she has achieved the honor of winning the "Hollywood best evening wear Designer award" in 2012. Jacqueline Quinn's collections are a true reflection of today''s modern woman, while fusing high-fashion with an edgy execution, making her creations highly sought after.  "Boldness" is the signature of nearly all of her collections to date - given testimony to the state of mind that women cultivate the art of fashion, understand it and make it their own.

Jacqueline is designing a new collection inspired by the influences and loss dealing with mental illness.This collection has been inspired by Religious paintings in both the national gallery in Ireland and the Kimble Gallery in Texas.The Collection is being launched in Dallas on March 5th at the Fairmont hotel.This Collection is the first one Jacqueline will be showing for charity to create awareness of mental health issues in both our youth and elderly today.