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Jacqueline Quinn is one of Ireland’s most successful designers. Born and raised in Dublin, she graduated from the Grafton Academy of Design with a burning creative passion. Jacqueline worked as both a designer and stylist for the 2012 and 2013 Grammy Awards. Her work has been worn by many celebrities, and in 2012 she was the recipient of the "Hollywood Best Evening Wear Designer Award." With the success of her work for the Grammy’s, Jacqueline was approached by New Balance to create a one of a kind couture dress made of New Balance sneakers to help raise awareness for Breast Cancer research. The dress, modeled by Olivia Culpo, opened New York Fashion Week and became one of New Balance’s most successful advertising campaigns to date.

Jacqueline is the creative director and head designer for the Levy Group, overseeing numerous brands including the Betsey Johnson Collection and Avec Les Filles Collection. Jacqueline has also been the head designer for Guess and Jessica Simpson, owned by G-III. In 2016, when Morris Goldfarb, CEO of G-III acquired DKNY, he asked Jacqueline to become head designer of the dress division for the brand. At the Levy Group, Jacqueline is focused on creating growth in both design and through social media, putting these brands on a platform in the global arena.

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